Convert your 3D Models into Augmented Reality

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1. Set up a FREE REX-Account

Your REX-Account is a cloud-based storage which eventually holds your 3D-Models as Augmented Reality content. Manage your models, share them, publish them and view them using our mobile REXview-App.

2. Convert your 3D-Model to AR

Either upload your 3D-file(s) directly into your REX-account and convert them OR use REX for SketchUp, a completely FREE Plugin for Users of SketchUp.

3. Experience Augmented Reality!

Now it's time to view your 3D-Model as full-scale Augmented Reality content. Simply install the mobile REXview-App for iOS and Android, log into your REX-Account and enjoy the experience!

Setting up your free REX-Account

Your REX account is required to save your holograms.

Simply go to and sign up entirely free.

There, you can manage your models, share them with others or publish them for the world to see. 

You free REX-account has 50 MB of storage and can be upgraded by purchasing a REXcad-license.

Converting your 3D-Model to Augmented Reality

There are two options of converting your 3D-models to AR-content:

Use REX for SketchUp

Are you using SketchUp or other CAD tools?
Then conversion is really simple!

Use the free extension for SketchUp or upcoming plugins for Revit, AutoCAD or Rhino to sync any 3D model with your REX account.

Directly upload your 3D-files

REX automatically recognizes frequently exchange formats, such as .obj (wavefront) & dae (collada).

Simply “drag and drop” and import such files directly into your REX account and wait for the upload to be finished. View them later with REXview.

You don't have any 3D models and simply want to use Augmented Reality?

Feel free to use our existing AR-Model-Library which is constantly being updated. 
More information is just a bit further below.

Experience 3D-Models in Augmented Reality with REXview

See your own 3D-Model in Augmented Reality or view our REXamples

You are now able to see your previously uploaded 3D-model in Augmented Reality with REXview, or those who you synced using REX for SketchUp.

Place your Holograms anywhere you like or position them permanently*

Placing your Holograms is easy. Just load it, and place it on top of the selected area. *You may also permanently position it, if you purchased a basic-license beforehand.

Manage your Models

See the Models you have stored in your REX-account or which have been shared with you in an instant. Tap on history to quickly re-open models.

Take a picture and share it with the world

Share your Holograms by taking a picture, send it to others or post it on Facebook for the world to see. You can also post it on our Facebook-page for us to repost!

Submit your own Creation and win a free license!

We would really like to see your own AR-models. Simply take a screenshot of it or send us a quick video of it on Facebook and have a chance of winning a REXcad Basic License. Winners will be announced on Social Media.